I was born in Bario San Felipe, San Fernando, Pampanga in July l4, l926.  My parents are Rosa and Estanislao del Rosario. My father (Islo) who is one of the prominent people in the barrio is a merchant or they call him at that time a Biajero. He was selling different items such as, framed pictures, clothing’s, blankets, mosquito nets, fancy jewelries and etc.,to the people in the barrios. He was doing these by going to the different barrios and towns of Pangasinan Province. My mother (Rosa) who was a Seamstress stayed with us. We are 8 of us, with 5 brothers and 2 sisters, and I am the oldest among them.

  • Benjamin F. del Rosario
  • Marina F. del Rosario
  • Enrequeta F. Del Rosario
  • Honorato F. Del Rosario
  • Leonardo F. Del Rosario
  • Geromino F. Del Rosario
  • Dominador F. Del Rosario
  • Carlos (Baby) F. Del Rosario

        When my father (Islo) earned a little savings from his business, he rented a vacant store in the town of San Fernando (Capital of Pampanga) and started a Sari-Sari Store. I was (7) seven years old at that time. My father enrolled me to go to school at San Fernando Elementary School in the first grade. At that time, there is only one (l) Elementary school in the town of San Fernando. Bario San Felipe is approximately seven or eight kilometer from the school. There are no passable roads available at that time except that of a river paddling a small Banca or a Raft, made of Bamboo to the town of San Fernando.

        Taking a short cut by using of a Monkey bridge(hanging bamboos) across the river. This route is to cross a wide Sugar Cane field to reach the asphalted road of San Jose going to the Elementary School of San Fernando. I was doing this by bare feet with-out shoes. At that time, due to the Rainy Season, the MUD is too deep and shoes are not advisable to wear. As our family is in the below poverty bracket, my parents cannot afford to provide me a pair of shoes. My athlete’s foot never heals during rainy season. At that time, mostly rich people can only wear a pair of shoes all the time. Sometimes, my mother is buying me a pair of wooden shoes. I can only use them on dry surface and not on muddy roads. I was doing this until I finish the Elementary School. We were the last Grade 7 to graduate at that time.

        I was in the 2nd year high school when the Second World War started. The Japanese Imperial Army started invading the Philippines. I was l8 years old at that time. My father evacuated us in one of the barrios of the town of Minalin, Pampanga. We brought with us some of the goods or items that my father is selling in the market of San Fernando. My uncle Puti Feliciano’s family was with us. We stayed in Minalin while the battle in Mariveles, Bataan is going on. One afternoon, while we were in the house, listening to the sounds of the Canyons, machine guns and rifles in Bataan, which are only few kilometers from the place that were staying, a Rifle stray bullet hit the foot of my Sister Enrequeta.  We were so frighten and nervous of what is happening. Retreating Filipino and American soldiers were passing by our place.

        To sustain our living, my father, my uncle Puti, my mother and myself started barrowing a small Banca to paddle it to the Barrio of Talba, which is approximately ten kilometers from where we were staying. What we were buying from Talba the items that we could sell easily, such, Luyos, Samat, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Mascara, Api, Ebon buru and Suman Ebus. We were doing this during nighttime, because during daytime the Japanese soldiers are repairing or building bridge or bridges. When we were passing bridge or bridges we maintain utmost silence and we let the banca sail by itself with the helf of the current, because once the Japanese will see you, they will start shooting. With God’s blessings we were able to survived the ordeal My uncle Puti and I, we were selling these items by going barrio to barrio of San Fernando and Mexico, such as Del Carmen, Savanilla, Laput, San Miguel, San Joseph with a distant of approximately 40 to 50 kilometers back and port. My Uncle Puti and I did all these walking during noon and afternoon. When the Japanese have establish a peaceful government in the town of San Fernando, wherein there is already an appointed Mayor and Police Force, we went back to San Felipe. My Uncle Puti became wanted by the Japanese. I really do not know what was the reason. He started hiding and joined the Apung Banal Movement.

        My father and my mother started a Sari-Sari store at the Talipapa market. This market is located between Barrio Del Pilar and Tagulud near San Matias. One morning there was a man approached my mother in the store. This man is asking my mother for help . He looks sick, weak, hungry and thin. He was a soldier who escape during the famous BATAAN MARCH when they passed by San Fernando. My father and mother extended their two hands to help him. They fed him and took him with them when they went home to San Felipe after their day in the market. This man is a pangasinan. He was suffering with a very severe Malaria Fever. As my parents goes to market every day, they put me in charge to take care this man, because I am the oldest among my brothers and sisters. I took care this man for approximately three months. I gave him a bath, wash his clothes and feed him because he was so sick to do it. When the situation became peaceful and transportation became available and he is well enough, my father gave him money to go home to Pangasinan. Since then, we have not heard from him. My father and mother continue their business in the market. One day, my father met a friend; his name is Mr. Lucas Figuerroa. He was from nearby barrio of Pandaras. This man has a very good experience of making SOAP. He learned this experience before the Japanese invaded the Philippines. He works for a big Soap factory in Manila. During, their conversation, my father suggested to him if he is willing to establish a soap factory. Fortunately, my father has a very good customer and very good friend. His name is Mr. Madayag. He is from Bawang, La Union. The province of La Union is approximately 100 or so kilometers from San Fernando, Pampanga. My father scheduled a meeting with  Mr. Madayag and Mr. Figuerroa. When  Mr. Madayag arrived my father called Mr. Figuerroa. The three of them decided to establish a SOAP FACTORY, in Bawang, La Union. They converted the basement of Mr. Madayag house into a Soap Factory. My father took me with him to help him. The ingredients and supplies in making soap are coming from Manila. Mr. Madayag is in charge for that as he is very good of doing that. They started making soap and they hired so many girls in molding the finish products into round soap by hand. Once the soaps are ready for marketing, myself and another man and a hired Cochero with his Caretella pulled by a horse, we travel and sell the soaps to the different towns of La Union. Province of La Union is in the northern part of the Philippines. We did this approximately 7 to 8 months. Because of the scarcity of the soap ingredients such as LIHA and very difficult to shipped to La Union plus the big overhead expenses, my father decided to stop the operation of the factory. My father sold all the things we used during the operation and we went back to San Fernando, Pampanga.

        As the Japanese government seems to be peaceful, my mother and my Uncle Puti took me to Manila to study. My uncle enrolled me at the BOHOL JUNIOR COLLEGE. I studied Stenography and Typewriting. This school is located at Avenida Rizal and it is a vocational school. My mother and my uncle let me stay with the Godong Sabile family. This family was a friend and neighbor in San Felipe before the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. I stayed with them until I finish the course. Because of the unstable situation in San Felipe and San Fernando at that time, due to the HUKBU are recruiting members, my mother told me to proceed to Urdaneta, Pangasinan to stay with my Uncle Moises del Rosario. From Manila, the train was full of Japanese soldiers, so what I did and other people did is to ride on top of the train to San Fernando. The Japanese allowed us to do that. On our way to San Fernando, being on the top of the train, is the worse experience in my life. As it is a steam train, when it belches black smoke, all the people on top will start crying or shouting as the smoke is very irritating to the eyes and hard to breath. As soon as we arrive in San Fernando, I jump from the top of the train and Started to walk to make a brief visit to see my mother, father, sisters and my brothers in San Felipe. As soon as I reach San Felipe and meet my family for not seeing them more than a year, my mother hurried me to proceed to Urdaneta, Pangasinan because of the bad situation in San Felipe. The HUKBALAHAP are busy recruiting. Many of my friends of my age were recruited and never come back anymore. While I was on my way to the train station in San Fernando, a Japanese soldier who needed help in carrying his big baggages to the train Station captured me. He got me in the town proper of San Fernando and walk with him approximately 2 or 3 kilometers to the train station. He forced me to carry some of his baggage. At the station, he ordered me to climb and carry the baggages on top of the train. Because of my size, I told him, I couldn’t.

        He started shouting at me and removed his Bayonet Belt and started swinging at me. Mostly, he hit me at the back of my head and back. I fell down and fell unconscious. With God’s blessing the train left with the Japanese soldier on it. When I regained consciousness and I was fortunate that my own baggage is still sitting besides me. I waited for another train.  As soon I reach the town of Carmen, Tarlac, I cross the long bridge going to Villasis, Pangasinan. I don’t have enough money to pay a Carritella, so I walk from Villasis to Urdaneta, which is approximately 8 – l0 kilometers .Because the sun is so hot as it is noon time, with the blessings of our Lord I survive the trip. As I reach Urdaneta, my Anti Pia , the wife of Uncle Moises welcome me. I stayed with them mostly during the Japanese occupation. I enjoyed the company of my uncle’s children, Atching Rose, Ciling, Peping and Pacing. Peping and Pacing were just very small at that time. Peping is about 7 or 8 years old and Pacing is about 6 years old. Peping and Pacing are children of another mother. Because of the Japanese is getting concern about the War, due to the Americans already landed in Leyete, Iloilo, their attitude toward the Filipino civilians is getting worse. My Uncle Moises decided to move us in a small village called Baquit. There I met a group of guerrillas (USAFE) I join them briefly until the time when the American Forces landed in Lingayen Gulf.  When I did have a chance, I joint the American convoys pushing the Japanese toward Manila. When we reach in San Fernando, I told one American soldier riding with me, which I be fronded during our trip, that I will get off to join my family.

        Because of the frustrating mosquitoes in the Pangasinan jungles, I contracted a very severe Malaria fever. Fortunately, during my trip to San Fernando, I happen to mention it to my American friend. He gave me a bottle of Quinine tablets, which turn my body yellow.  On my way to San Felipe, I was only wearing a Kaki short pants and shirt without shoes. I met an old man riding a horse at the Pangpang Matas of San Felipe. I tried to recognize him and he was Ingkong Andu. Due to my complexion, fail and weak appearance, he did not recognize me. He past by me without recognizing me. I started shouting at him and say, INKONG, INGKONG I said, and then he stopped and went back and started recognizing me. He started hugging me and we were both crying each other. We both walk along to San Felipe and telling all the people we meet on our way, AMIN is here. The people inside their houses started going outside and try to see the commotion outside as if I was a hero. Because of the location of our house, which is located in the middle part of the PAROBA part of San Felipe somebody must have, ran and notify my mother Apung Rosa. As the house of Apung Felisa is near the tail end of San Felipe, I saw Apung Rosa running crying. She is shouting while running. and kept saying where is my son AMIN. All the people, especially my mother Apung Rosa, and apung Felisa and my brothers and sisters were all excited and happy to see back. My Malaria fever still bothering me so much. Apung Rosa is worried about it and  took me to Dr. Roa.  Fortunately, the medicine that he gave me, started doing me some relief.

        Pampanga High School started opening and I enrolled in the third year and graduated in l947 with a High School Diploma.  I started looking for a job and was able to find one at the Capitol Building at the Assessor Department. I work there for one year. As Jobs at Clark Air Force Base pays much more money, through the help of my Auntie Victoria Santos who has been working there at the (DUG) a contracting organization to the U.S. AIR FORCE. Fortunately, I was hired. I work there for approximately one year. As the DUG contract was phasing out, my Auntie Victoria transferred to the US AIR FORCE, Base Supply, I followed her and I was assigned at the Inventory Section. I became an Auditor. While I was auditing the Stock Records of the Ordnance department, I met a very attractive woman. Her name is ANDREA ESPINO. She works as Secretary of the Ordnance Officer. I started visiting her in her home in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga. I kept paying her a visit every week ends for more than Six months. One-week end, I made a decision to propose. I did propose, luckily she said YES’ on condition that we will  approach and tell her parents about it. I told her I would consult my parents too. 

        I consulted my parents about it, and my mother called my Uncle Puti, my Grandma’s brother, Inkong Puling and Grandma India. They talk about it, if what we will do. During their meeting, they found one BIG problem. As the costumary tradition of getting married to another town at that time, the Groom party will bring all the things to be use during the wedding to the bride’s home, such as Pots, Utensils and etc. They said it would create a big problem on their part. My Ingkong Puling suggested to me, if Andrea really loves me, ask her if she will be willing that we will just Elope.

        With my firm determination, I went to see Andrea and tried to convince her about it.. With God’s blessing, she agrees with me. Andrea is a very religious woman. She told me to pick her up inside the St. Mary Cathedral in Angeles after work in the afternoon. I ask my friends, Seniong Yumul, Joe Carreon and Mr. Manansala to help me. After works in the afternoon that day, all of us proceeded at St. Mary Cathedral in Angeles, Pampanga. Seniong who is driving the jeep stayed in the jeep, Mr. Manansala went inside the church, and he found Andrea is in the middle of several Nuns. He approach Andrea and ask her to go with him while Joe and I are waiting outside the church. Andrea was very hesitant to go because she does not see me. Mr. Manansala told her that I was waiting outside. Anyway, she went with him and I assisted her to get in the jeep. Seniong the driver, press the exhilator of the jeep, he was a little bit nervous and I was getting emotional too. We were very concern about the relatives of Andrea, they might be chasing or following us. With God’s blessings, everything went all right. We proceeded to the Cathedral of San Fernando. There, we found that my parents, Ingkong Puling and Apu India are already waiting in the church. Andrea, myself, and my parents proceeded to the registrar office and we registered to get married to preclude any problems that might come up.

        Father Desiong the Monsignor of the parish administered our wedding in the 22nd of February, l950.

        We stayed for a brief period with my parents in San Fernando. After a month or so, we went back to Dau to apologize to Andréa’s parents for what we did. As my father and mother in law are both schoolteachers they gave us their blessings. And we stayed in their house in Dau with them.

        Andrea and I continued working at Clark Air Force Base. After so many months, Andrea quit working due to some jealous people that keep bugging her. She stayed at home and opens A DRESS SHOP, and I continued working at Clark Air Force Base.

        As the neighbor of Andrea’s parents got sick, I talk to them if they want to sell their house. Fortunately, they told me yes. I bought their little house. Unfortunately, there is another little house at the back. To have a little privacy, I talk to the owner and offered them the little house I bought in front with the condition that they will move them out from that area. Luckily, he said yes. I know, he is a carpenter. I ask him to built our house there. He accepted my offer and started moving the two little houses.

        I went to Angeles City and talk to the owner of the Tablante Lumber yard. I ask her if it is possible to release some lumber to my carpenter and promise her to pay her every payday. As my name is DEL ROSARIO, she answered me absolutely yes. Then my carpenter started withdrawing lumber from the lumberyard until he finish our house. I keep paying the lumber every payday for so many months until it was fully paid. It so happens that I am receiving quite a big salary at Clark Air Force Base.

        Due to my consistent Outstanding and Superior performances, plus Achievement award and 20 years faithful services, I was promoted as the Chief Civilian In charge of the Furniture Warehouse with 74 civilian and few Airmen under me. The awards are:

v  Certificate of Achievement Award

v  Superior Performance Award –May l5, l967

v  Superior Performance Award – May l5, l968

v  Superior Performance Award – March 9, l970

v  20 Years Faithful Service Award


Because of these super accomplishments, I was recommended by the Housing and Furniture Services Officer to send me to Denver, Colorado to study and take a course in Special Management. The Housing and Furniture Services officer recommendation was approved by the Base Commander. I flew from Clark Air Base to Denver, Colorado and I was assigned to stay at BOQ quarters (Bachelor Officers Quarter) I took the course in management at the Air Force Academy for six months. As I studied hard, I top my class and I was awarded the distinguish HONOR GRADUATE CERTIFICATE, and it was presented to me by the Housing Services Squadron Commander when I went back to Clark Air Force Base.

At this time, Andrea and I have already been raising the following five beautiful children: 

·         Rodolfo E. Del Rosario – Oldest

·         Renato E. Del Rosario

·         Danilo E. Del Rosario

·         Nenita E. Del Rosario

·         Maria May E. Del Rosario

        These children studied to the different schools in Pampanga. Rudy, when he was six years old, Andrea and I sent him to San Fernando. He stayed with his grand parents (Apung Rosa and Ingkong Islo) in barrio Del Pilar. I enrolled him at the Assumption Academy School a Catholic School being managed by American Nuns. At that time, this school is the best school for Catholic children. Rudy stayed with Apung Rosa until he graduated at the Pampanga High School. We sent him to Manila to Study Medicine at the University of the East. However, during his study, he met one of his beautiful classmates and her name is Luisa Ganaban. Rudy and Luisa get married in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga.


        Rene (Renato), the DON JUAN among them, study at the Dau Elementary School. We also sent Rene to take his High School study in San Fernando at the Pampanga High School.  However, he got involve in a big fight in the High School because of a girl. Bapang Puti went with me to the high school and settled the problem. However, I became worried about him, I transferred him at the HOLY ANGEL ACCADEMY in Angeles, Pampanga so that he can go home to Dau and be with us all the time. He got involved again with a girl, but this time he is all right. He became an officer in the ROTC at their school. He graduated in the high school. We also sent him to Manila to study Aircraft Engineering at the FEATI School of technology.

        Dan (Danilo) also studied at the Dau Elementary School and graduated. Dan, is a very religious boy because of Father Gosioco, the Dau parish pastor. He made Dan a sacristan. We sent Dan at the Sacred Heart Seminary. Dan is a very bright boy. Apung Gandi, my mother-in-law, and I, always being invited by the School Principal to Pin a MEDAL on him because of his excellence in his studies. He graduated in the High School with distinguish honor. I was a little bit disappointed with him because I thought he would pursue his studies in the PRIESTHOOD, However, we sent him also to Manila to study Engineering at the FEATI School of Technology. 

Nenita (Nenette) also study her Elementary School in Dau at the Dau Elementary School. She took her high school studies at the HOLY FAMILY in Angeles, Pampanga. She also graduated in that school. 

Maria May (May) finish her Elementary School also, at the Dau Elementary School. We also sent her at the HOLY FAMILY ACCADEMY in Angeles, Pampanga. She was able to finish her first year high school in that school also. 

Going back to my biography, after arriving home, from Colorado, U.S.A., I talk to the family if they want to move in the UNITED STATES because before I left the states, I was invited by my sister-in-law Zosima (Susing) to visit her in Portland, Oregon. I flew from Colorado to Portland, Oregon. She showed me around Portland and visited her Filipino and American friends as well. I was impress about the place and people were very friendly.

I talk to the family if they want to move to the UNITED STATES. Every-body seems to be excited about it. I started filing my application to the American Embassy in Manila. With God’s help, it did not take long. I received the approval from the Secretary of the state of the UNITED STATES through the American Embassy in Manila in February l972. I started pulling out the children from their schools and prepare them to go to the UNITED STATES. My big problem was Rudy who was married already and was not included in the Visa because of his status and was left behind. We left in March of l972. My mother and so many relatives accompany us to the Manila Airport. We reach the Portland, Oregon Airport in March l972. Susing and Andres were already waiting at the Airport. It was cold and raining. I became worried about the children because of the sudden change of climate. With God’s blessings, everybody of them is all right.

Susing, my sister-in-law help us in enrolling Nenette and May to the school to finish their studies. Rene was able to find a job at the Fred Meyer Bakery and Dan was able to find a job in IBM machine department. My wife Andrea works into a Nursing Home. As for me, I was the last one to find a job. I kept looking, ridding Buses everyday going to the Portland down town area everyday. One evening, while we are eating our dinner, a telephone call rang. The call is to inform me that I was accepted as an Office Manager in a Food Service Brokerage firm and wanted me to report as soon as possible.

We stayed with Susing in her house for approximately one month. As we are too crowded at Susing’s house, I move my family into an Apartment. After two months we started looking for a house to buy. Luckily, A friend I met through Susing, offered his help. These are Mr. Joe Leyson and his wife Sally. They were very kind to us. They help us survey Portland and fortunately, we found a house that can accommodate us all comfortably. It is an old house, two story, three bedrooms, one bath and a big living room. I was very interested to buy the house. According to the Realtor, the price of the house is $24,500.00 and he was asking $4,000.00 for down payment. As we were just starting, I do not have any money. Mr. Joe Leyson and his wife Sally offered us again to lend us $4,000.00 for the down payment. We got the house through the help of these two Samaritans. Mr. Joe Leyson was a veteran in the U S Navy and his wife Sally was a schoolteacher. After so many months Mr. Joe Leyson went back to the Philippines and he died there. His wife Sally continued teachings until she retired. She also went back to the Philippines and she is still alive and now living in Iloilo. We are still communicating once in a while.

Back to my family, I continued working as an Administrative Assistant, in a Food Brokerage company called NORTHCOAST FOOD SERVICE MARKETING. I retired in l990 when I was 65 years. My wife Andrea, continued her work at Jantzen Inc. and she retired also in l989.

 O U R   C H I L D R E N

Rodolfo (Rudy), through my petition I filed for him and his family, his wife Luisa and their daughter Vannesa, came in the United States in l984 after l2 years waiting for their Visas. He is now working in the bank. His wife is working in a drapery  company. Since they arrive in l984, due to the complete facilities and medicines here in the United States, his wife Luisa gave birth to two beautiful daughters, (Sally and Harley). Their oldest daughter Vannesa who is now a Medical Assistant, got married to Ted  Bendik and they have now two beautiful sons, (Ian and Aaron). Their daughter Sally is now studying in Eugene and Harley is expecting to graduate in the High School this coming summer. Rudy have so many activities, other than his regular job at the bank, he is now the Director of a nonprofit organization called THEATRO NANG BAGONG SILANGAN. This organization has often been publishing in the Oregonian News paper. It is about the culture of the Philippines of Art in Folkdancings. Lately, he was appointed as Chairman of the coming Filipino Festival to be held sometimes in July 2006 at the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Portland.

Renato (Rene) who graduated in Business Administration here in the United States, he is now a Regional Manager of the California Savings Bank. He and his  wife Dona have a beautiful house in Fairfield, California. They have a very beautiful daughter Isabela. She is now 3 years old. Other than his job as a banker, Rene bought 80 acres of agricultural land in Palisades, Washington State. With our help (The del Rosario family and a friend John Guy) he is now converting the farmland into a VINEYARD. With our help, the Vineyard is getting in shape. Approximately, l000 grapes were already planted.

Danilo (Dan) who has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Information Systems and his wife Marylin who is a graduate in Business Administration, major in Accounting, have 3 beautiful children. Their oldest son Christopher is now junior in college at the Portland State University. Their second son Julian is now working and at the same time working for his college studies. Their daughter Rosanna is graduating from the High School this coming summer. Dan is also a very busy man. He works for the City of Portland as senior computer analyst. He was once the president of the Aguman Campangan a well known non-profit Filipino Organization and he is the former chairman of the Council of the Filipino American Associations of Oregon and Southwest Washington States. His wife Marylin, is  a Senior Accountant in the City of Portland and expecting to retire in 2007. They have a big beautiful house in Tigard, Oregon. Dan also has a beautiful daughter Michelle. Michelle is a very bright girl. She graduated in the college and has a master in FORENSIC SCIENCE. She is now married, and lives in California.

Nenita (Nenette) who has three degrees and one master degree in Health and Human services is married to Marijan Bosnar. Marijan is a construction contractor. They have 5 beautiful children. Mahalia, their oldest daughter graduated from High School and is now working and at the same time working for her college studies. Their second daughter Mirijana is expecting to graduate this summer. Their other three children, Maria, Michael and Michaela, are still in the grades school. They live now at Mosses Lake, Washington State. They are doing all right also.

Maria May (May) who is a graduate in Education at the University of Portland was able to get her Master Degree in Education at the same time when she was just l9 years old. May is also a very bright little girl. She was awarded for so many scholarships during her studies. She is married to Lee Trotter in l980. They have 3 beautiful children too. Their oldest son Anthony just graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Washington. Due to his talents, the University of Washington hired him. He is now working as Senior Computer Analyst at the  Pathology Department. Their second son Adam is now pursuing his studies at the Eastern Washington University to be a Chiropractor. And their beautiful daughter Alanna is studying at the University of Wshington taking up nursing. The husband of May, Lee is now retired. Lee was a veteran in the U.S. Navy.

My community standing both Philippine Islands and United States of America

I attended college for two (2) years at the Harvadian College in Angeles, Pampanga. I was once the President of the Parish Council of the Lady of Victory parish in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga. We help to build the Lady of Victory Church in a more very tremendous hardships and patience. I became the Vice President of the Parents Teachers Association in the Dau Elementary School. We build the Home Economics building.

In the United States, I am a member of the Filipino Veterans, and a member of the different associations and supporting specifically the Aguman Capampangan, Filipino / American Association and Vicinity, and the Theatro Bagong Silangan.

I retired as Manager of a Food Service Brokerage Company.

We became Amerian citizens in July 21, 1977.

Due to our extreme faith to the Lord, determination and hard works, the following are the precious gifts that the Lord rewarded us ANDREA and AMIN (Ben):                                         

·         Rodolfo and Luisa del Rosario

o   Vannesa and Ted Bendik

§  Ian Bendik (Great Grand)

§  Aaron Bendik (Great Grand)

o   Sally del Rosario

o   Harley del Rosario

·         Renato and Dona del Rosario

o   Isabela del Rosario

·         Danilo and Marylin del Rosario

o   Christopher del Rosario

o   Julian del Rosario

o   Rosanna del Rosario

o   Michelle Olney-Cox  (Dan’s daughter)

·         Nenita and Marijan Bosnar

o   Mahalia Bosnar

o   Merjana Bosnar

o   Maria Bosnar

o   Michael Bosnar

o   Michaela Bosnar

·         Maria May and Lee H. Trotter

o   Anthony Trotter

o   Adam Trotter

o   Alanna Trotter